How Exercise Affects The Thyroid

Exercise is so important unfortunately there are some ailments that can make it difficult on a person. A big one that affects the ability to exercise is problems with the thyroid. This is the gland in charge of regulating your metabolism. There are symptoms like fatigue and pain that can keep you from working out. It can be easy to just say you can’t work out, but there are some things you can do to stay healthy and fit. The key is to not give up on your fitness because of an illness.

What is Hypothyroidism?

How Exercise Affects The ThyroidHypothyroidism is what occurs when the cells in your gland are minimized. They have been damaged and this affects the number of hormones your body is getting. It completely throws off the balance of the way your body operates.  It can be the direct result of medicine, surgeries, or a condition when the gland is attacked by your own immune system. This sometimes can happen after you have a baby.

How it Affects Exercise

Exerting yourself in a physical way really makes you feel tired. It’s hard for you to function once you start working out. If this is something that continues to happen you eventually will give up going to the gym or trying to get in better shape. This gets worse the longer you have the ailment and it can cause you to gain weight no matter what you try to do to keep it off.

What is Hyperthyroidism?

When you have an autoimmune disorder or you have inflammation around the thyroid then you have Hyperthyroidism. The gland will produce too many hormones when this happens and can cause adverse reactions in the body.

How it Affects Exercise

When you have Hyperthyroidism you might find your heart rate goes up quickly when you’re exercising and sometimes even when you aren’t exerting yourself. This can be very dangerous and result in heart failure and problems if you aren’t careful. This is going to make strenuous exercise impossible to carry out without a lot of risk. Your body also can lose weight due to the overproduction which can cause it to become weak and make it difficult to exercise.

How to Overcome

How Exercise Affects The ThyroidIt isn’t hopeless there are still things people with the diseases can do to help their body get healthy, they just can’t work out in the way others are. It is important to always consult your doctor when taking on any exercise regimen and especially if you have problems with your thyroid. It can also be difficult for you to find the motivation you need to get out there and work out because of the way it affects your body and the way you feel when you try to work out. The first thing you have to do no matter your fitness level is get motivated. So tell yourself you can do it and figure out what you can and can’t do. This will be the way you show the disease whose boss.