Can Walnuts Cure Goiters?

Basically the thyroid is a gland which is butterfly in shape and located a little below our Adam’s apple, in the front of our neck. Almost any issue with our thyroid gland can lead to its swelling or inflammation which results in the formation of a goiter. The thyroid gland can enlarge to such an extent that it can be visually seen and even obstruct swallowing and talking, in extreme cases. Although, in most cases, enlargement of thyroid is due to its dysfunction but sometimes this is not the case. Walnuts are believed to be very beneficial for our health since they are rich in many nutrients. Walnuts are very efficacious for the treatment of goiter as they can reduce the activity of thyroid gland. However, someone on the medications for hypothyroidism should not consume walnuts as they can interfere with the effects of these medicines. Whenever you notice a swelling in the front of your neck, always consult a doctor.

Can Walnuts Cure Goiters?Causes

The leading cause of thyroid enlargement is the deficiency of iodine. In the absence of iodine, production of thyroid hormones is suppressed. In certain cases, goiter develops even before the dysfunction of thyroid has occurred. Iodine deficiency can be caused by the decreased content of iodine in the soil or the decreased intake of vegetables in the diet.

Worldwide, about ninety percent of goiters are cause by the lack of iodine. Other causes include radiation exposure, infections, hormone imbalance e.g. in puberty or pregnancy, cyst, dietary factors, a hyperactive thyroid and tumors etc.

Signs and Symptoms

In the beginning phase, goiters are generally benign and do not cause any severe symptoms. Even if they enlarge in size, they might be confused with weight gain mistakenly. But when the symptoms do occur, they can be like the feeling of tightness in the throat, difficulty in swallowing of food, chronic dry cough and difficulty in breathing. A progressive goiter might mimic asthma, allergic reaction or the feeling of something being stuck in the throat.

Can Walnuts Cure Goiters?Relation of Goiter with the Dietary Factor

In North America, goiters are very rare because of the consumption of iodized salt. We know that a number of factors play a vital role in the dysfunction and enlargement of the thyroid gland. Increased intake of vegetables belonging to the genus Brassica, for example broccoli, cauliflowers and turnips etc., can lead to the formation of goiter. Same is the case with food items that are rich in copper content such as liver, avocados, walnuts and soy beans. Thyroid function is also suppressed by excessive amounts of copper. Walnuts also contain certain toxins in them which are called goitrogens. These substances block the activity of thyroid gland by decreasing the uptake of iodine in it.

Synthroid and Walnuts

The hormones produced by the thyroid gland maintains the production of energy and our basal metabolic rate. As a replacement to this hormone a medicine is used which is called ‘synthroid’. This medicine is prescribed in the cases of hypothyroidism, in which the production of thyroid hormone is insufficient. Walnuts can interrupt with the absorption of synthroid in our body.