This product review highlights the important facts about RLC Labs iThyroid. This product has a powerful iodine formula for enhanced thyroid treatment. It claims to produce long-term and consistent results. Read on to learn more about this product.





iThyroid is offered in two bottles with different concentrations of the same ingredients. The weight of the large bottle is 12.50 milligrams while the weight of the small bottle is 6.25 milligrams. Each bottle contains the following concentrations of the main ingredients.

  • Iodine from Potassium Iodide USP- The large bottle contains 7.5 milligrams of this ingredient while the small bottle contains 3.75 milligrams of this ingredient.
  • Free Iodine USP- The large bottle contains 5 milligrams of this ingredient while the small bottle contains 2.5 milligrams of this ingredient.
  • Potassium from Potassium Iodide USP- The large bottle contains 2.5 milligrams of this ingredient while the small bottle contains 1.2 milligrams of this ingredient.
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose
  • Silica in Green

A perfect balance of free iodide and iodine combines with tyrosine to facilitate the production of thyroid hormones. Iodine stimulates sluggish thyroid glands and supports metabolic processes. On the other hand, potassium plays a significant role in facilitating the proper functioning of muscles and nerve cells.


Take one capsule every day or according to the directions of a health care professional.

Possible Side Effects

This product is free from ingredients that might cause allergic reactions such as yeast, corn, dairy products, eggs, gluten, peanut, soy, shellfish, sugar, rice, preservatives, or flavors. Therefore, the chances of experiencing unwanted side effects are low.


This dietary supplement can be bought at different prices depending on several factors. The price ranges from about $9 to about $18 depending on the seller and the size of the bottle. Price discounts also depend on the seller.


We did not find a money-back guarantee at the time of this review. The role of a money-back guarantee is to assure customers of the quality and effectiveness of a product. The absence of this guarantee may cause potential customers to question the quality of this product. We also looked for testimonials from people who have tried this product. We found many positive reviews from different sources and customers. Most customers have expressed their satisfaction by giving positive reviews. In this regard, more people are likely to purchase this product based on the positive reviews given by individuals who have already used this product.


There is no doubt that iThyroid is made of ingredients that may address thyroid-related problems. The key ingredients are common in most thyroid-treatment products and are known for their ability work on thyroid functions. However, you should look at both negative and positive aspects of this products before buying or using it. The positive features of iThyroid include many positive customer reviews and affordable prices for both bottles. We also identified some negative aspects that might discourage potential buyers. For instance, dissatisfied users are likely to lose their money because there is no money-back guarantee. Furthermore, it is not clear whether the manufacturer is GMP-certified.

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