The following is a review of the product Thyroid Formula which has been manufactured by FoodState. The manufacturer of this product claims that it can address the growing epidemic of poor thyroid function caused due to nutritional shortage as well as poor lifestyle choices and provide relief from symptoms like moodiness, low body temperature, fatigue, constipation, weight gain and heart conditions. Continue reading, if you want to know more about the ingredients of this product as well as our opinion of whether it is the right product to take for thyroid issues.


The ingredients of this product include Bladderwrack which has been used medicinally for centuries for the purpose of treating obesity and cellulite by stimulating the thyroid gland. There is high iodine content in this herb and as a result it can stimulate the thyroid function and boost the metabolism. The ingredients also include L-Tyrosine which is an amino acid that functions as a building block for neurotransmitters as well as thyroid hormone. It can help in the maintenance of a healthy amount of dopamine and as a result reduce the effects of stress. Each tablet of this product contains:

  • 500 mg Spirulina
  • 200 mg Bladderwrack
  • 50 mg Selenium
  • 50 mg FoodState Lipophos
  • 25 mg L-Tyrosine
  • 5 mg Zinc


It is recommended that, adults take just a single tablet of this product daily, preferably with a meal.

Possible Side Effects

The side effects of this product are quite rare as it is made up of natural ingredients. However, pregnant and lactating women should only use this product after consulting with their doctor. In case of an allergic reaction to any of the ingredient in the product, you should discontinue use and contact a doctor immediately.


The price of this product is not listed on the company’s website which can be very frustrating and inconvenient as you now have to search the internet to determine it. It is available at a price of $9.28 and includes sixty capsules which are enough to last two full months.


The manufacturer of this product has not offered any kind of guarantee for this product so you have no way of returning it or getting your money back, if you are not satisfied with its results. There are also no reviews of this product on the company’s website which makes it a questionable purchase.


FoodState Thyroid Formula is a product directed towards the growing epidemic of poor thyroid function. The manufacturer claims that it can stimulate the normal functions of thyroid and provide relief from symptoms like fatigue, weigh gain, constipation, moodiness as well as low body temperature and heart diseases. However, at $9.28 for two month’s supply the price of this product is a little below average which raises some concerns about the quality of ingredients used in the product. There are also no reviews of this product on the company’s website and the fact that the manufacturer has not provided any kind of money back guarantee makes it a very risky purchase.

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