Welcome to our detailed product review for Nutri-Meds Desiccated Porcine Thyroid Health. This product is a porcine glandular extract for supporting the health of your thyroid. It contains freeze-dried or desiccated porcine thyroid to concentrate the natural elements. You will learn more about this product as you read the rest of this review.




This product contains:

  • 130 mg of Raw Porcine Thyroid- This ingredient is derived from the thyroid glands of grass-pastured livestock. It provides the body with the necessary thyroid hormones. Therefore, it plays a significant role in improving overall thyroid function and health.
  • Gelatin

This product has no starch, sugar, salt, rice, gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, or yeast


The recommended dosage for this dietary supplement is one capsule per day. This supplement can also be taken according to the directions of a health care professional. Do not take more than five capsules in a day. One bottle contains 90 capsules meaning that it can last for 90 days when used by a single user.


The price of one bottle is $31.95 on the manufacturer’s official site. This is a fair price considering the number of capsules in one bottle.


The manufacturer provides different guarantees including payment security, quality delivery, low price, privacy, and website security guarantee. Users are assured that all transactions made on the manufacturer’s site are secure. In addition, user information is kept private under all circumstances. We did not find a money-back guarantee to assure dissatisfied customers that they will be compensated. The manufacturers return policy only allows you to return unopened products within thirty days. This policy means that users who have already opened the product and are dissatisfied with the results are unlikely to receive compensation. You will need some documentation to return a product. The company’s return policy is likely to discourage customers because there is no compensation for opened products. In spite of the absence of an all-inclusive money-back guarantee, many users have posted positive reviews for this dietary supplement. These reviews clearly indicate that most customers are happy with the results. Positive reviews attract customers who doubt the product’s quality or effectiveness.


In sum, this is one of the rare products with only one key ingredient. This product is a unique dietary supplement because it contains porcine thyroid, which is derived from animals. In addition, the key ingredient is a source of direct thyroid hormones as opposed to the ingredients used to make other thyroid health products. With such reviews, customers may be tempted to purchase this product, however it is also important to be aware of the drawbacks of this product before purchasing it. The return policy offered by the manufacturer does not allow customers to return opened products. Furthermore, the manufacturer has not provided any information about the possible side effects. These omissions made us question the validity of the customer reviews we saw, as how do they expect a consumer to place trust in a product that they are not able to test for effectiveness?

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