This will be a review of Health Depot’s Thyroid Support supplement. The manufacturer claims this product contains high quality ingredients to support your thyroid gland. Please continue to read this review to decide if this is the right item for you.


There was no ingredient label found on the manufacturer’s website for the ingredients. In their description they state this supplement does contain:

There is no other information as to whether or not this supplement is gluten free, vegan friendly, or allergen free. In fact, besides the brief description for how important your thyroid is, the page is lacking in other information.


There is no mention of what the dosage is. I even tried looking for a third party website to see if they would have the information but could not find anything.

Possible Side Effects

Again, there was nothing found for this. There is no warning label or description either. This means the potential customer will blindly purchase the product without knowing if this is something that is suited for him or her.


The price for a 60 capsule bottle is $39.95, which is fairly expensive compared to some other thyroid supplements you can find. The company does state they have free, next day shipping. Though the link for “Add to Cart” is not properly working. When the button is clicked, an error message comes up.


It seems this manufacturer does have a return policy. What it is, I don’t know. Upon further searching, there is an issue with the website. Besides the product page, everything else on the site was completely down. Whatever linked I clicked to search the website, I was given a “the website is down” error.

Despite all the issues with the website, there are about a handful of positive reviews for this product. Many have stated this product does work to improve overall health. However, it must be stated these reviews have been over three years old.


Health Depot Thyroid Support supplements is a product I don’t recommend based on what I have found during my time researching the product. The fact this supplement has little to almost no information on its ingredients, dosage, or warning labels is something that would raise many red flags.

Besides the lack complete lack of information, the manufacturer’s website seems to be completely down. There is no other available source to find out anymore information about the product or the company. The lack of reviews also is enough to make a potential customer skeptical. The handful of reviews I found, while very positive, were over three years old.

For the lack of information, unavailable information, and expensive price tag, you can find a better supplement to suit your thyroid needs. Regardless of whether or not you wanted to purchase this product, you currently can’t because the website errors every time you try to add this item to cart. It’s best to skip this supplement and look for another one that will be better suited for you.

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