This is a review of Ultra Herbal’s Thyromine dietary supplement. The company making it says this supplement can help those suffering from an underactive thyroid.  This supplements also claims to be able to help with the symptoms of hypothyroidism including weight gains, depression, concentration difficulties, tiredness and general lack of energy, poor hair health and hair loss. Keep reading this review to learn about the ingredients, pricing and guarantees, and find out if this product will fit your needs.


This dietary supplements contains the following ingredients:

  • L-Tyrosine
  • Thyroid Powder from Bovine
  • Adrenal Powder from Bovine
  • Guglipid
  • Nori
  • Piper longum Extract
  • Ginger Extract

There is no reference on the company’s website whether this supplement contains Gluten, milk or dairy, soy, shellfish, wheat or any artificial coloring and preservatives in it. It is also not clear if the capsule is made from gelatin or cellulose. This raises a concern for people suffering from allergies or those who prefer vegan friendly products.


Unfortunately, no information about the recommended daily dosage was provided by the company’s website. The only information available is that your monthly supply consists of one bottle. Whether the bottle contains 30 capsules and you take one every day, or 60 and take two is unclear.

Possible Side Effects

No side effects were listed by the manufacturer of this product. What is more concerning is the lack of a warning label, which may or may not be present on the bottle of the supplement, or be included in the package.


A monthly supply of Thyromine will cost you $39.95. If you buy 2 bottles, you get a 10$ discount, and the price is $69.95. Price for 3 bottles is $119.95, and you get one free. And there is a best value offer, where for 4 bottles you pay $159.95 and get 2 more bottles free of charge.


The company making Thyromine takes pride in the quality of products it sells. That being said, if you are in any way unsatisfied with the product, they offer a money back guarantee for any unused or unopened item, within 90 days of purchase.

But be careful, if you wish to return a product bought using a “buy 3, get 3 for free” offer, or any similar offers, you must forfeit the free product and you will be given a refund on the discount value per product, based on the total purchase.

There are no reviews on the product website, only testimonials, which may or may not be accurate. There are reviews on a retailer’s website, and they are mostly mixed. Some of them are satisfied with the product, while some state that the supplement was not very helpful.


Ultra Herbal’s Thyromine is a supplement that has the potential to be help people suffering from underactive thyroid. But the ingredients are clearly not meant for vegans and those suffering from allergies. What is more concerning is the lack of recommended dosage, so either taking too little or too much at once can lead to further complications along the way.

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