Here is a review of Saturn Supplements Thyroid Super Complex supplement. The manufacturer claims this is a proprietary blend of certain herbal ingredients to help aid in maintaining a healthy thyroid. They also state they have added other beneficial ingredients to enhance the formula. Please continue reading to see if this supplement is ideal for you and your thyroid needs.


Saturn Supplements Thyroid Super Complex contains these following ingredients per dosage:

  • 40 mg Vitamin B-1
  • 70 mg Vitamin B-2
  • 40 mg Niacin
  • 80 mcg Iodine
  • 150 mg Magnesium
  • 3 mg Manganese
  • 50 mg Zinc
  • 300 mcg Selenium
  • 900 mg Thyroid-HMX Proprietary Blend: Gugulipid, Coleus Forskohlii, Ashwagandha, L-Aspartic Acid, and L-Tyrosine

Other ingredients include: Cellulose PH 102, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate


The recommended dosage for a healthy adult is 2 capsules per day, in between meals.

Possible Side Effects

It is not recommended to take more than the suggested dose since too much iodine or Selenium can cause adverse reactions to the body. Besides this, there are no other possible side effects listed for this product. Therefore, if you are concerned about taking this supplement in conjunction with other supplements or medication, you will need to speak with a medical professional.


The suggested retail price for this product (which contains 120 capsules) is $37.99. However, they are currently running a 25% off all products promotion making the current price $23.90. Sadly, this product is currently sold out on the website.


The company does state one of their main goals is customer satisfaction which would make a person think there was a guarantee that could be easily found on the manufacturer’s website. However, there was no information about a guarantee on the website. There is a contact link provided where you can send any questions or concerns you may have about the product.

As far as reviews go, I could not find any reviews for this specific product. I scoured the internet to see if I could find any sort of testimonials or reviews on this product and could not find any. This may mean either two things: there aren’t enough people who have tried it or the product is not as good as it claims.


Saturn Supplements Thyroid Super Complex supplement seems like a promising product. It has many of the herbal ingredients necessary to promote overall thyroid health. Its unique blend is also a selling point, making them stand out from the rest of the other thyroid supplements out there. So you would think this is a product you perhaps you could invest your money in, until you inspect the site and product further.

While I would agree to give this supplement a shot, the fact there is no information on a guarantee raises some red flags. Another factor you should definitely consider are the lack of customer reviews as well. I spent a fair amount of time trying to find reviews for this particular product online but could not find any. Even if this item was a stellar product, the lack of customers and information is something that can deter many customers.

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