Herbal Goiter Treatment

The enlargement of a thyroid gland is referred to as a goiter. A goiter might be visible as a swelling in the front of the neck, just below the Adam’s apple. As this swelling enlarges, it can cause pressure effects, such as hoarseness of the voice, feeling of tightness in the throat, difficulty in breathing, difficulty in swallowing or cough etc. There are many causes of goiter, for example pregnancy, deficiency of iodine, inflammatory disorders, malignant or benign nodes, radiation, intake of foods containing goitrogens etc. It has been observed that the goiter can be shrunk naturally by using herbs. But before you try the herbal treatment, always consult a health practitioner for the expert advice.

Herbal TreatmentHerbal Goiter Treatment

Herbs act in various ways to reduce the size of the thyroid swelling. Certain herbs also contain iodine, such herbs are ideal for the treatment of the goiter caused by the deficiency of iodine. On the other hand, some herbs are effective for a hyperactive or a hypoactive thyroid as they can help in the regulation of the thyroid hormone production. You should confer with an expert, for advice on the preparation and dosage of herbs used, for the enlarged goiter.


Fugus vesiculosus, or Bladderwack, is a known seaweed species which is found worldwide. It contains iodine which makes it perfect for curing the goiter caused by the lack of iodine. Herbalists have been using it to regulate the thyroid function. It is especially effective in the case where thyroid disease co-exists with obesity, as it helps in losing the weight. Avoid using this herb for longer duration because it can block the absorption of iron in the body. Moreover, you must keep in mind to not use it along with other thyroid medication.


A perennial kind of herb known as Lycopus virginicus, or bugleweed, is native to North America. Traditional healers have been using the aerial parts of this herb to treat breast pain, overactive thyroid, weak heart and edema. It is full of substances like tannis, flavonoids and phenotic acids. According to the studies, bugleweed inhibits thyrotropin, which is a thyroid stimulating hormone. Excess of the thyrotropin can produce a goiter. Many herbalists have recommended bugleweed for the treatment of hyperthyroid conditions and enlarged goiter. Beware of using this drug if you are already taking thyroidHerbal Goiter Treatment medicines and diuretics.


Another perennial herb known by the names Leonarus cardiac, or motherwort, is found in Asia and Europe. The active agents I this herb are flavonoids, leonurine, tannins, alkaloids, iridoid, glycosides and stachydrine etc. This herb can effectively shrink the enlarged thyroid. Just like bugleweed, motherwort is also suggested for the treatment of a hyperactive or swollen thyroid gland. Herbalists especially recommend this herb for the treatment of thyroid diseases associated with heart symptoms, such as shortness of breath, breathlessness on lying down, palpitation, chest pain and tachycardia etc. But be careful to not use this herb along with other thyroid or heart medications.

So, if you prefer natural and organic methods of treatment, the above mentioned herbs are perfect solution for your thyroid problems like goiter etc.