Fight Goiters With Cayenne Pepper

Fight Goiters With Cayenne PepperWhen you hear the word goiter a lot of freaky horror movie creatures can come to mind. A goiter is kind of scary, but it’s really just when your thyroid becomes swollen. The one that is on your neck is shaped like a butterfly so when it gets bigger, it is noticeable. This can be because of the iodine in your body becoming too low or your thyroid is messing up the hormones it’s supposed to emit which control your metabolism. When this gets out of whack the hormones your body receives can be too vast or too few wreaking all kinds of havoc on your body and making you feel bad. To top it off you might end up with a huge abnormality on your neck which is never a good time.

Treating in a Nontraditional Manner

Cayenne pepper is a known natural way to get your circulation going. This is not necessarily a way a doctor would tell you to treat a goiter, but it is one way to do it. When you go to a doctor they might just keep an eye on it if it’s small enough. If it is larger than they might take more action, but if you are someone who likes to try and treat things naturally then this might be the way for you to go. If you can stand the heat it actually tastes good on

Treatment and Symptoms

Fight Goiters With Cayenne PepperA doctor who is treating a sizable goiter will provide medication that will help with the cause of it. Some doctors will tell you if it isn’t bothering you not to come in, but if it is big enough for them to see it then it is probably bothering you. If it is being caused by hypothyroidism then they will know what to do. In extreme cases they might use radiation or surgery, but that is the last option they want to go with. When you are experiencing the goiter as a result of your thyroid acting up you might have chills, gain weight, and be very tired. It can make doing anything in your life a lot harder and exercise is almost out of the question. This is one of the main reasons you will find it causes weight gain.

So Why Would Pepper Help?

The Cayenne has capsaicin in it which is what makes it hot. This is why it gets the circulation going. It is not necessarily scientifically proven, but it has been studied and shown to work for those suffering. A goiter is not going to hurt, but it looks unattractive and most people just want to get rid of them. It’s important to remember if your goiter does not get better with the use of the pepper then you should still see a doctor. Another benefit of the pepper which may also help with the thyroid issue is that it can suppress your desire to eat and you might in turn lose some weight.